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Feb 14, 2013 4:30pm PST
gharib. tom is off tonight. hungry for a deal, warren buffett partners up to buy up ketchup maker heinz in a $28 billion deal. the u.s. airways/american airlines merger is ready for take-off, and the companies say they see no turbulence ahead from washington regulators. and senate democrats offer their plan to head off the sequester's sharp spending cuts. we get the details from michigan senator debbie stabenow. we have that and more tonight on "n.b.r." two big sweetheart deals on this valentine's day: american airlines is merging with u.s. airways, creating the world's largest airline company; and warren buffett is buying h.j. heinz, the biggest food company acquisition ever. we'll have more on american in a moment, but we begin tonight with buffett and that surprising mega-food deal. the billionaire investor is teaming up with the billionaire owners of 3g capital to buy the ketchup maker for $28 billion. the private equity group and buffett's berkshire hathaway are paying $72.50 a share in cash. that's a 20% premium over heinz's closing price yesterday. ruben ramirez reports. >> repor
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
, d.c., we got a new sheriff in town, elizabeth warren. >> the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are. my question is when did you bring him to trial? the question i'm really asking is can you identify when you last took the wall street banks to trial? cenk: awesome! and boy, do we need her because i've got other stories about how the banks are trying to rob us blind and the regulators are actually helping them. it's about time she held them accountable. we've got an amazing movie coming out about whistle blowers and how the obama administration is cracking down on them. >> would you call it torture? >> waterboarding is something we shouldn't be in the business of doing. >> i was the first to confirm the water board torture on prisoners. >> i was about an hour into the interview i realized wait a minute, they're investigating me. cenk: amazing story. speaking of amazing the koch brothers, do you know they have been planning the tea party since 2002 that grassroots uprising? we've got the evidence, later in the show. we'll end on a fun note. are l.a. women unbearable?
Feb 19, 2013 9:00am PST
now senator elizabeth warren. how the massachusetts lawmaker became the latest youtube sensation. that is next on "now." [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your abili
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
warren is the new sheriff in town. all that and rachel maddow joins us tonight. buckle up. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >>> just like the meteor slamming into russia, elizabeth warren is already banging heads in the senate. >> the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are. >> we'll show you how the new sheriff of wall street is outclassing her fellow freshmen, and how the new cop on the beat means trouble for big banks. >>> ten years after george w. bush dragged the country into war in iraq, an explosive new documentary narrated by rachel maddow details the trail of deception like never before. rachel joins me to preview the film tonight. >>> plus, the big congressional panel on john boehner's decision to go on vacation before we go off another cliff. >>> it was the biggest meteor blast in 100 years. so how did we know about an asteroid the size of a swimming pool but not a meteorite the size of a house? good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. progressives finally have something to be hopeful about when it comes to congress. now, th
Feb 15, 2013 3:00pm PST
. elizabeth warren gets to work and it's explosive. >>> nothing says changs like carl "meltdown" rove. bik show coming. stay with us: >>> have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. the committee hearing was a big hit. donna says there's a new sheriff in town. jane says she is what we needed for so long. jay says this is why i contributed to her campaign, even though i live in georgia. we've got more on warren and why wall street is scared already coming up later. but, first, we need you to come share your thoughts. please head over to facebook and search politics nation and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> guess what, i was right. >> there's a lot of ill will toward
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
question is, is the sea change going to actually continue? >> probably call warren on the phone and see if we can get him to talk about this. >> speaking of warren, i put on the red tie. and this is a buffett -- >> for valentine's day? >> and buffett sent me this tie. remember you were out there with him and he took it off. >> kind of -- >> now to react to my tie. >> i ran out to get -- >> what i didn't mention -- >> playing catch-up ball. >> he immediately took a tax write-off for what he sent this tie. even though he loves everyone else. he did say, you know, i don't know what this was worth but i think he did, whatever he paid for it. he wrote it off as charity. which we love him. i wonder, really, whether, i think buffett is different. when he decides to buy. i don't this necessarily means -- but it should, maybe. maybe this money -- >> got in at the right -- you know he's been playing with this for some time. just the timing was right. >> and you know, he could have bought heinz, k-e-t-c-h-u-p but then there's the other one, hunt's, c-a-t -- do you know what the difference is, andr
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm EST
valentine's day, the company known for red, scooped up by warren buffet, the billionaire investor and 3g capital dishing out green for heinz in a $28 billion surprise deal. it's the largest food company acquisition ever. in just minutes, inside story from the oracle of omaha warren buffet himself here on fox business. plus, cisco systems on tech spending. government orders not what they used to be for routers and switches, and european buyers watching euros and cents. john chambers is live on how to fulfill the promise to energize earnings. treasure in the trash. making money on what others throw away, especially on valentine's day. the dough in the hands of shareholder, company upping dividends again. waste management ceo joins us live in a fox business exclusive. "countdown to the closing bell" begins right now. ♪ good afternoon, everybody, i'm liz claman, the last hour of trading, and with the largest food acquisition on record to spike the markets, trading mixed in a narrow range. u.s. airways, we have turbulence there. it is down about 8% and change. this, as the rumor becomes the
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
private. >> warren buffett is starting to get older at this point, and, in this case, he's having 3g handle the operational side of this transaction. >> reporter: while buffett's age may be advancing, he's still very interested in doing deals in well-known brands. it's not the first time buffett has partnered to do a deal. five years ago, berkshire worked with mars in a $23 billion acquisition of wrigley. and just last year, berkshire was part of an unsuccessful $10 billion bid by coty to buy avon. but new york university business professor aswath damodaran says this deal is all about the experience 3g's team brings to the table. >> the one thing they have going for them is, they've run other companies very well in brazil for a long time. and these are people with a long history in consumer products. >> reporter: others say 3g, like buffett, is in it for the long- haul. >> 3g likes to hold its investments for the long-term, so it doesn't look to, like, buy then sell in a few years like a lot of private equity firms. >> reporter: 3g is run by jorge paulo lemann. he and buffett both se
Feb 17, 2013 9:39am EST
-- warren the merr with wall street left giddy. congress has taken a break by ading home. what does that make for the sequestration deadline?? joinining us t today, jill airo, source and peter from the universisity of maryland. congress will take a break from they have not and we do not done know where things end up. what is your prediction for what headed d forrch 1, ?equestratio it appears so. shows no intest in cutting spending and he seems being reelected, -- being reelected, but so were the repupublicans in t e house. , and they tax cuts -- noget their spending tax hikes, and he did not get .heir spending cuts toa little less favorable w white house and they would , you but jill toro ale i tauro, what are you hearing from both sides? therere is a lack of .ompromise there has been very little in tes of what they are willing to do. they are sticking with their .arty line think suestration will .nto effect saw a propososal come from senateemocrats for basically bumpmping sequestratiothrough .ntil l the enend of the year it will never fly. republicans will not go through .ith it we
FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >>> elizabeth warren taking a battering ram to banks and their regulators in congress and her assault is just beginning. we have a top bank industry expert with the inside scoop whether war can inflict big damage to our financial institutions. even when they say it's not it is always about money sandra: we start tonight with big news from alan simpson and erskin bowles. they used their new plan for deficit reduction. here it is in a nutshell. it calls for overhauling the tax code and implementing the tax cuts. it cuts the federal deficit by 2.4 doll trillion over the ten years. this is more of the white house goal of 1.5 trillion. but the bottom line no one will be really happy because it hurts both ways. we have an all-star money power panel to break it down. diana further got roth. she is with the formerly with the u.s. department of labor. joining us tonight, former massachusetts senator scott brown and fox news contributor. welcome to all of you tonight. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. sandra: senator brown, i want to start with you first. this is your first time on the progra
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 4:00pm EST
airlines have been under pressure. what we saw with u.s. airways, it was getting hit hard. warren buffett's company, berkshire hathaway, buying time out right here. they called it at 7250. >> yes, they just think it's a great product. he said he was absolutely going to be in for the long term. liz: it's not a classic equity deal where they shine it up. david: we just saw whole foods getting kicked today about 10%. >> that is not good news. david: as you can see, we have very big movements. do not be fooled when we see the dow jones down, the s&p 500 is up a little bit. less than a 10th of a percentage point, nasdaq, the biggest mover is the rest of 2000. it is the individual stocks, we have seen some big movements by individual stocks and we will be talking about coming up. liz: did you see the coal industry sector? lots of natural resources after the fourth-quarter earnings. all gaining more than 4%, 13 full percentage point. david: when you see that it is settling at the lowest level in six months, that is what gives people a lot of concern. it is just about at the 200 day movin
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am PST
something very special with warren. she's going to be very special in the congress. >> i think she's a force to be reckoned with. and boy, just everybody wait, seriously. i don't disagree. >> joe? >> well, i learned that we're returning to the era of cool inc., that it's trending in the republican party, cal coolidge. >> very cool. >> excited. >> all right. well, i'm looking at the latest issue of "cosmo" and i can't tell you what i learned today. i really can't. wow! okay. if it's way too early, it's time for "morning joe," but now it's time for "the daily rundown." have a wonderful weekend, everyone. >>> block and tackle. chuck hagel's prospects for running the pentagon are going to hang in limbo for another two weeks as senate republicans get exactly what they want, more time. folks, delay is rarely a good thing when it comes to these fights. also this morning, a deep dive into iran's upcoming election as ahmadinejad heads out of office, the world wants to see which way his successor will take the combative country. >>> and a monumental moment lambs on capitol hill, with the retirem
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
extraordinario que les quitó el aliento casi permanentemente. tony ayling y su amigo buzo warren, estudiaban los corales en una parte remota del gran arrecife. comenzaron a las 9 de la mañana dejando a avril, la esposa de tony, arriba en el bote, era el cumpleaños de tony. hacían una investigación de rutina, nada fuera de lo ordinario aunque el agua estaba algo agitada. warren se alejó dejando solo a tony, al menos eso creía. ♪ [música de suspenso] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ warren siguió trabajando ignorante de la suerte de su amigo. ♪ y arriba avril no tenía idea de lo que pasaba sólo unos metros abajo. ♪ hasta que llegó a la superficie, tony pudo ver que su pie estaba entre los dientes de un enorme cocodrilo de agua salada. ¿qué hacía un cocodrilo en el gran arrecife de coral? ♪ ¡ahhhhh! ♪ (narrador) los cocodrilos ahogan a su presa para matarla y es justo lo que este quería hacer con tony. ♪ pero debido a su equipo de buceo, tony podía respirar bajo el agua y aunque lo intentara el cocodrilo no podría ahogarlo. pronto comenzó a cansarse. tony peleaba con f
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 9:20am EST
. they don't like the pipeline. hold on a second, we're not done. warren buffett buys heinz 28 billion dollars, windfall for john kerry? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] mo rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. >> you know, this is the big deal of the year so far. wait for it, warren buffett's berkshire hathaway and 3g capital buying heinz, 28 billion dollars. heinz shareholders will get 72.50 for each common stock they own, that's a 20% gain over yesterday's closing price. 28 billion total, and the shares in the pre-market close to 72.50. there's a side bar here in the newly installed secretary of state john kerry, his wife is part of the heinz family. all right, it's official now, u.s. airways, american airlines are going to merge, a 11 billion dollar all stock deal creating the world's largest airline and shareholders
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
. republicans in congress to cost elizabeth warren one job, now have big reason to regret their choice. but first he doesn't talk. he doesn't write. he doesn't have republicans over for pound cake. when he does try to lead on an issue, he can't help but mess things up. yes, if you can believe the g.o.p. presidential obama is responsible for pretty much everything that's wrong in washington, d.c. today including the traffic. from refusing to reach out across the aisle to the sequester that threatens to disembowel the federal government with $1.2 trillion in spending cuts starting a week from this friday, it is all obama's fault. though if you can believe the president, imagine this now, let me stretch your credulity here, the president wasn't entirely to blame. >> obama: the whole design of these arbitrary cuts was to make them so unattractive and so unappealing that democrats and republicans would actually get together and find a good compromise. unfortunately, congress didn't compromise. >> john: mr. obama at least seemed logical to compromise with republicans. >> obama: i am willing to cu
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
united states? we'll find out. >>> plus, senator elizabeth warren makes a splash during her debut hearing on the hill, taking the big banks to task. you're watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? [ voice of dennis ] silence. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> today, a deep dive into the growing political crisis in iran, one that pits the two most powerful men in that country against each other, and will determine iran's direction for years to come. on the surface, it's good news for america and its allies that preside president mahmoud ahmadinejad is on his way out. he's term limited. but in the last fe
Feb 8, 2013 5:00am EST
a delay. warren and culpeper county schools in virginia are closed today. >>> school districts making plans to prepare for this weather. we could get more school closings coming in. keep it right here on news 4. let's check the forecast now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> it's a slushy cumulation on the roadways where we're getting the snow elsewhere, all rain other than white. there is snow reaching the ground and accumulating from culpeper to warrenton to leesburg to frederick. winchester to front royal, la ray, those areas getting -- but it's all rain farther east. we're going to have this rain even where it's snowing. change over to perhaps at 8:00, 9:00 this morning. temperatures around the beltway and the metro area are above freezing. we're getting that cold rain. where the areas you see in purple, that's where we could get an inch of snow including all of these areas west and north of washington. as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll have highs reaching the low to mid-40s with rain and the rain ending by sunset. then tonight, windy and turning colde
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> rose: erol warren where do you place him in the mant panth onof chief justices. >> there a chapter on him, he is up there in my view with john marshal. >> rose: perhaps the greatest. >> and that say controversial statement, it seems. i think he made one huge mistake and i'm this, i'm with the conservatives. i think the warren court let criminal defendants off on crummy technicallities unrelated to guilt or innocence. and that hasn't aged very well. the exclusionary rule. >> rose: right. >> but on the other five things that the warren court didn't. >> rose: you didn't like those rules. >> on that i am i'm to the right of justice scalia and thomas. we have common ground because it is not in the constitution's text and it's not really part of the american spirit. but the other five things. >> rose: don't let them go on technicallities. >> unrelated to guilt or innocence. but here are the five things that did, even today that conservatives actually affect. brown versus board of education, that many those affirmive-- we brief in brown, we have a different-- broad pro test of fre
Feb 2, 2013 6:20pm EST
. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was a advocate for the formation of the consumer financial protection bureau. she defeated scott brown and the came the first woman to represent massachusetts in the senate. in the house, joseph kennedy represents massachusetts's fourth district. watch in the house, live on and the senate on c-span 2. and this week's radio address, president obama and congresswoman susan brooks talked about needing to reduce the national debt. the president emphasized investing in programs that enable economic recovery. susan brooks urged democrats to pass a budget. >> hi, everyone. we face some important decisions about how to put down our debt in a way that grows our economy and create good jobs. the decision that will make a real difference in the strength of our recovery. we began with economists and business leaders saying that we are poised to grow. there are signs of progress. car sales are at a five year high. manufacturing is coming back. businesses created 2.2 million jobs last year. we have learned that our economy created more jobs in the last few months tha
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 1:00pm EST
to discuss the merger. don't miss it. it's not the only merger today. another big one, warren buffet and 3g capital teaming up to buy heinz, the ketchup giant. price tag of $28 billion, including debt, the largest food deal ever. the shares, of course, soaring today, hitting a new all-time high, and coming up at 3 p.m. eastern, warren buffet speaks on the deal with liz claman on "countdown to the closing bell," another one not to miss. >> from bad to worse. the carnival cruise ship, the new setback as it's pulled to show. >> as we send you to break, metals and trade down for the most part. gold up almost $10 al ounce today. we're back with more after this. ♪ did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. >> all right, it is time to make money with charles payne this hour. he has a texas oil and gas services stock pick. we are looking at texas sized profits here, aren't we? >> i hope we will be. you know,
FOX News
Feb 20, 2013 3:00pm EST
that reprieve is temporary and the state is trying to get warren hill back into the death chamber as soon as possible. the latest on this controversial case. stay close. ÷÷ >>> a powerful winter storm brewing in the plains and could bring blizzards and drop more than a foot of snow. the national weather put the entire state of kansas, nebraska and missouri under a warning. claudia is live with the news. when is the storm predicted to pick pick up? >> harris, the worst storm in two years is expected to arrive tonight packing strong winds and snowfall up to 10 inches in northern missouri, maybe between 2 and 7 inches in kansas city. that may not sound like much but freeing temperatures will turn small amounts into sleet and ice. the ice could cause problems. residents are bracing four power outages and travel delays, especially on the roads with the slick icy conditions. city crews have been pretreating streets while snow shovels and ice melt have been selling fast. everyone is keeping an eye on the weather reports. most forecast calling for the heaviest snowfall overnight and tomo
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
elizabeth warren. >> is about how tough you are. >> is her debut on the senate banking committee. >> pretty comfortable. >> can you identify when you last took the wall street banks to trial? >> they couldn't answer. >> i will have to get back to you. >> we have not had to do it -- >> folks, that is bs. >> don't have much incentive to follow the law. >> ezra klein holds out there are calling for bankers to go to jail. >> this is what she knows best. this was her moment. >> that is why she was sent to washington. >> also gets a triple a rating from standard employers. >> the weirdest thing happened in the days after the state of the union. my colleagues in the press, they watched the exact same speech i watched, i think. they heard the same policies i heard and a lot of them walked away saying kind of, nothing new here. the headline in the national journal was nothing big or bold about obama's state-of-the-union address, nothing big or bold. really? i had exactly the opposite take, i thought president obama's state of the union was shockingly bold. and the reason i say shockingly
Feb 15, 2013 3:00pm EST
suspicious trades before cnbc reported the news before it was reported warren buffett was purchasing heinz. >> automatic spending cuts are set to kick in march 1st and congress is on vacation as the cuts seem more and more likely to happen what, impact will they have on the stocks and economy? former fed chairman alan greenspan is joining us exclusively to weigh in on that. >> let's take a look at markets and where we stand with the dow jones industrial average near the lows of the afternoon, though just shy of them, down about 45 minutes on the dow jones industrial average and a third of a percent. nasdaq composite also negative today, double-digit move there on the downside. a decline on the nasdaq. s&p 500, decline of 5.5 points on the standard & poor's, now showing the level of 1515. let's get more on this developing story involving walmart. courtney reagan with the very latest details. court, what can you tell us. >> reporter: dell component walmart and other retailers reported that february was the slowest sales were the worst in years. and the organization response. with any organiz
FOX Business
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
itself private. the $28 billion that warren buffett is forking over for h.j. heinz, and the 11 billion-dollar merger between amr and u.s. airways. and i'm not including anheuser-busch more than big numbers and big deals. a big question. why is all this happening right now? why in an environment where taxes are going up a lot, why are we back to the deals with the likes of which we haven't seen since those lazy and hazy, much lower tax rate of 2005? well, it could be that companies simply have no else where else to put their cash or maybe it is all part of a big bunker mentality. too risky to start something new. so they are just buying out arrival or two in their own business. the deals are back. usually that is good for investors. but before the president takes a bow and since christmas, maybe you should take note that these guys are spending all this money, not as an endorsement, maybe as a defense against it. the real story behind all of this, we have matt schuett. what is going on? >> well, there's a lot of cash out there. not returning anything. borrowing costs are very low. stock
Feb 3, 2013 2:00am PST
cowboys but finished with the 49ers. another first ballot induct yi, warren sapp will be ensome -- enshrined. >> there's no question in my mind that eddie debartolo belongs in the hall of fame. when you look at the owners in there he is at the top of the list. i hope people understand he was the best owner in the history of professional sports. >> mike: well, i have to agree with jed. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has been everywhere. the french quarter, bourbon street, but tonight he is outside of new orleans and with his people, the swamp people. >> 15 miles southwest of new orleans, ever here of lafayette louisiana? a place where even the super bowl is an afterthought. >> what's the big attraction? >> alligators. >> we're entering the heart of louisiana swampland darkness. boat loads venture here. >> it's awesome but creepy. >> these animals are -- -- >> they're real? >> real. >> real enough to touch and hold. >> must be on something right now. >> thanks to the the navigating skills of captain james beasley, they're right off the side. >> pet them? >> no. wouldn't mind a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 834 (some duplicates have been removed)